About GMPs

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) are the basic principles of operation a food processor should follow to produce a consistent, quality food product and are the basis of HACCP pre-requisite programs.


The GMPs online training has been set up for processors to train their employees on the importance of GMPs anytime and anywhere in the plant. Membership is an annual basis from the time you register and there is unlimited access to the training site until your membership expires.


The Online Training Is Simple And Easy To Use.

There are seven simple steps for Employers to follow when administering the training.

These records can then be used to show customers or auditors that employees have completed the training and the quizzes will show the employees understood content of each module. It is recommended that training be updated on a yearly basis.

Step 1

Select the GMP Module you wish to train your employees.

Step 2

Print the Module Learning Objectives PDF file.

Step 3

Print the Quiz Page for the Module.

Step 4

Print the Module Training Record PDF file.

Step 5

Administer the Training Module Presentation Video File (view in a player within the website or YouTube link).

Step 6

Administer the Training Module Quiz to Employees.

Step 7

Record Keeping Recommendations.

Areas of GMPs

Having employees trained in GMPs ensures that your facility is producing a consistent and quality food product. Reduce potential recalls and increase production efficiency by training employees on a yearly basis.


Building exterior, interior, water supply and sanitary facilities.

Transportation and Storage

Transportation carriers and conditions, storage facilities and conditions.


Preventative maintenance and calibration.


Training for hygiene and handling, sanitation, maintenance, written policies and programs.

Manufacturing Controls

Testing for the parameters of product (e.g. pH, water activity etc.)

Sanitation and Pest Control

Written programs for pest control and sanitation standard operating procedures (SSOPs).


A written program or protocol for a mock recall to test systems effectiveness.


Records to prove all the procedures are being completed including: production, distribution and shipping, testing records, etc.

Click here for a video clip of a training demonstration