Food Centre Training: Good Manufacturing Practices

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Good Manufacturing Practices

About GMP

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) are the basic principles of operation a food processor should follow to produce a consistent, quality food product and are the basis of HACCP pre-requisite programs.

There are eight areas of GMPs:

  1. Premises - Building exterior, interior, water supply and sanitary facilities;
  2. Transportation and Storage - Transportation carriers and conditions, storage facilities and conditions;
  3. Equipment - Preventative maintenance and calibration;
  4. Personnel - Training for hygiene and handling, sanitation, maintenance, written policies and programs;
  5. Manufacturing Controls - Testing for the parameters of product (e.g. pH, water activity etc.);
  6. Sanitation and Pest Control - Written programs for pest control and sanitation standard operating procedures (SSOPs);
  7. Recall  - A written program or protocol for a mock recall to test systems effectiveness;
  8. Records - Records to prove all the procedures are being completed including: production, distribution and shipping, testing records, etc.

Having employees trained in GMPs ensures that your facility is producing a consistent and quality food product.  Reduce potential recalls and increase production efficiency by training employees on a yearly basis.